Tour overview

5 days / 4 nights
Price non divers Price divers

The above rates are per person, 50% off for kids age 2 – 6 years old, 30% off for kids age 7 – 12 years old

NOTE : Due to unexpected weather circumstances planned trip can be changed. Especially the program in Komodo National Park is not fixed! Because of very strong currents, our schedule is depending on the tides! Furthermore time schedule can differ slightly depending on which boat you’re on.

With questions and for further information please send an e-mail using our contact form.


  • 3 meals per day
  • Coffee, Tea and drinking water aboard
  • Guide above and under water
  • Single or double bunks
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Dive tanks, weight belts (diving an extra cost per dive per person)
  • Guide above and under water

Day 1:

The cruise starts from Gili Trawangan, which has some of the best snorkeling and diving in Lombok, as well as horse riding and bicycling (these activities are not included in the cost of your cruise.) You can join the boat during the afternoon. At around 4 we will be leaving and during the night we cruise to Moyo.

Day 2:

We arrive at Moyo in the morning and we moor at Labuan Haji, an unspoiled traditional village. The local people will guide us to a beautiful pool and small waterfall where we can swim in the clean, clear water. At least one, maybe two dives on the reefs off-shore from Labuan Haji are possible. If there is some time left we can visit a bat cave in the afternoon. The crew will prepare a fresh fish BBQ on one of Moyo’s beaches. Stay the night at Moyo. Very early morning we depart for Satonda Island.

Day 3:

Satonda is an extinct volcano with a sunken crater lake surrounded by jungle. Local peo-ple believe Satonda has magical influences and they come to the island and hang offer-ings on the trees around the Crater Lake in the belief that their dreams will come true. The island is also home to many thousands of fruit bats hanging in the trees. There is very nice swimming and snorkeling and the opportunity for one dive at Satonda. After lunch, we depart for Komodo.

Day 4:

We arrive in the morning at Komodo National Park. From here our program depends on the tides. At Komodo NP two ocean streams meet, this combined with all the small is-lands creates crazy currents. We enter the park with the current. One of the most splendid sites in the park is Gili Lawa: a beautiful bay with crystal clear water and white sandy beach. Some of the best dive sites are located around this island. Here we will spend the day. We will moor at a quiet place to spend the night. We arrive in the early morning we go to the Ranger Station on Komodo Island. You will go on a three-hour guided walk in the national park. You’ll see the dragons, and if you are lucky you may see deer, monkeys, and wild horses. After seeing the dragons we moor at “Pink Beach” where you can swim and snorkel. (Two dives are possible here.)

Day 5:

We leave Komodo Island in the early morning and cruise to Labuan Bajo where we check out.